Characteristic Family

Here I will narrate both [of] me which [is] its deportment make a splash. In family I is, sister I this, its people [of] active hyper once. So that weary me old fellow advising him. From is small, he [is] its people nope can be kept quiet. Each; Every there is at home, surely just there is its deportment making people smile. From deportment he and way of its talking. Time he SMP, he is its tubby people, so that people call him-GENTONG , because when SMP him, its tubby body and a mess. Hence given by him-GENTONG call. When him enter SMA, he is its body weighing feel inferior, because is often jeered is same of its friends, hence he intend to minimize its body by smoking. Previously my old fellow nope know, and finally soybean cake and advised by my old fellow. Since for my old fellow, smoke non road; street of is single to be thin and there is still the way of other to be is thin. But him, ****have come too far unintentionally** have is same addictive of cigarette and hitherto still smoke. And finally now its slender body. Besides, he/she have to other unique, he/she have the nature of humorist and humane. Each and everyone which is the near by him, surely will protect and taken care of once. Hence each; every nope there is him at home, silent surely. Because he can enliven atmosphere with its humorous deportment. Time he/she pass SMA, my old fellow ask, what will be taken by majors which he like and he/she chosen accountancy majors, but after him experience lecturing, in the reality majors he/she which have take to leave for behind with its like to. And finally, my late sister pass with duration which have been taken.


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