bahasa inggris bisnis

Favorite place

From is small, I very is taking a fancy to of coast. Since for me, coastal can eliminate my feeling which again like, sulkyly is, angry, sorrowful and emotion. Each; Every sorrowful me again, surely I go to Coast Ancol, because its Coast is single which close to residence I. There I can release dander and doleful which I is feel that moment, over there I can scream as satisfied as me which can eliminate my sorrowful feeling again. There I also can see, beauty of coast which is very admire eye. Ancol very meaning to make I am. Because each; every there is empty time, I and my me or my couple surely go there, because its coast make my happy feeling. Besides, there I can see unique exist in around. Like rock terumbu, fish, its wave and other unique which can think much of my feeling. Coast Ancol also can, make other things inspiration like making poem, composition, short story or storys. Because that place, can make liver like and make new idea in have masterpiece


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