The paired conjunctions above can be used to combine two sentences which are parallel. To combine the sentences using the paired conjunctions above,it is necessary to see the following rules :

  1. 1. Two subjects connected by both ______and take a plural verb.

Example :

–          Both my brother and my sister are here.

–          Both of us know him.

–          Both doors were open.

  1. 2. When subjects are connected by only ______ but also, either ______ or, neither ______ nor, the subject that is closer to the verb determines whether the verb is singular or plural.

Examples :

–          Not only my sister but also my parents are here.

–          Neither my mother nor my sister is here.

–          Neither my sister nor my parents are here.

  1. 3. Notice that the paralled structure in the examples.

The same grammatical form should follow each word of the pair.

Examples :

–          The research project will take both time and money.

–          Yesterday it not only rained but also snowed.

–          I’ ll take either chemistry or physics next quarter.

–          That book is neither interesting nor accurate.


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